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Acquiring Good Energy, Repelling Bad Energy through Muraqabah

Audhu billāh min ash-shaytān ir-rajīm Bismillāh ir-rahmān ir-rahīm Nawaytul arbā`īn, nawaytul ‘itikāf, nawaytul khalwat, nawaytul riyāda, nawaytus salūk, nawaytul `uzla fī hādha al-masjid Ati-Allāha wa ati`ur-Rasūla wa...

Die Before You Die

Anything that comes under the heading of God is derived from His Names and Attributes. You can know Him through these Names and Attributes. Al-Karim,...

In love

In love, nothing exists between heart and heart. Speech is born out of longing, True description from the real taste. The one who tastes, knows; the one who...

Haqa’iq – Realities

We have explained the six realities within each human heart: haqiqat al-jazbah, haqiqat al-fayd, haqiqat at-tawajjuh, haqiqat at-tawassul, haqiqat al-irshaad, haqiqat at-ta’i. Haqiqat at-tawajjuh is the secret...

Ego And The Pull Of Gravity

Every category of animal lives together. There is no mixing of different ones – all must be the same within each species. They say...

Hide Others’ Mistakes

One day, the Prophet (s) called Bilāl shortly before midnight and ordered him to make the call for prayer, adhan, but not to pray,...

Allah is now as He ever was

by GF Haddad The saying "Allah existed eternally without a place, and He is now as He ever was" is related - without chain -...

O Lord !

O Lord, If tomorrow on Judgment Day You send me to Hell, I will tell such a secret That Hell will race from me Until it is a thousand...

Do Good, Receive Good

Ramadan Series 2019, Part 1 From Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s Notebook Dr. Nour Mohammad Kabbani 6 May 2019 Fenton Zawiya, Michigan Fajr Suhbah A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani...

Your minds have limits but not your heart

“Your minds have limits but not your hearts, for they are receptacles of endless capacity; but you must open your hearts to this knowledge,...
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