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Spiritual Literature

A Believer Keeps His Promise.

A believer keeps his promise.”1 You find this observed firmly in America. If you ask an American to promise something and he says,” Yes,”...

Acquiring Good Energy, Repelling Bad Energy through Muraqabah

Audhu billāh min ash-shaytān ir-rajīm Bismillāh ir-rahmān ir-rahīm Nawaytul arbā`īn, nawaytul ‘itikāf, nawaytul khalwat, nawaytul riyāda, nawaytus salūk, nawaytul `uzla fī hādha al-masjid Ati-Allāha wa ati`ur-Rasūla wa...

Swallow Your Anger: Then Digest It

For those of us whose physical bodies are “over the hill”, by this I mean over the age of fifty or so, we must...

Awareness of Numbers (“wuquf adadi”)

This means that the seeker who is reciting dhikr must observe the exact number of repetitions entailing the silent dhikr of the heart. To...

Three Levels of Character: Copper, Silver and Gold

Explanations of ‘Iqaz al himam fee sharh al-hikam, by Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn `Ajiba Shaykh Hisham: Either I will speak or Shaykh Senad will speak. Shaykh Senad...

The Prophetic Title “Best of Creation”

by Dr. G. F. Haddad Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim One of the names by whichthe Prophet Muhammad is known - upon him blessings and peace - is...

Dhikr – Remembrance of God

Dhikr is the means by which Stations yield their fruit, until the seeker reaches the Divine Presence. On the journey to the Divine Presence...

I Need A Guide

God said in the Holy Quran 1 that if someone builds the foundation of his house on a cliff without building a good foundation,...

Some Secrets Of His Divine Realm

I am always asking Divine Help from my Lord so that I may clearly explain these important matters. Perhaps hundreds or thousands of people...

Allah is now as He ever was

by GF Haddad The saying "Allah existed eternally without a place, and He is now as He ever was" is related - without chain -...
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